Get Lei’d Isn’t the Only Thing To Do on a Flight to Hawaii

 Getting Lei'd

You’ve already finished the book you brought , but there’s still a handful of hours before your flight lands in Hawaii. What can you do to kill some time? You could try to sleep, but come on, not even a circus contortionist can get comfortable enough on an airplane to actually fall asleep. Maybe watch the in-flight movie? Not unless you like overly dramatic animated films with no real point or that one with Jennifer Aniston that always ends happily ever after. Maybe you could enjoy a nice little snack. That is, if you can satisfy your appetite with a bag of pretzels smaller than the credit card you’re going to have to use to pay for them. So what else is there? Hawaiian Airlines has the answer – rent an iPad mini.

Rent iPad MiniNot only is the idea brilliant, but the tablet rental fee that doesn’t exceed $17 even for us coach-class individuals is quite reasonable, too. So now you can fill those extra hours with watching movies or television shows, or playing games of your choice.

So my question is, how long do you think it will take before someone comes up with the idea to also make the iPad mini a remote service to call for a flight attendant? No more waiting for that one knee bashing drink cart trip up the aisle for your tiny can of Coke. Order it on demand through your iPad mini!

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