As Your Tummy Expands With Your Pregnancy, So Do Your Options in Rental Clothing….Thankfully!

Maybe time to look at rental maternity wear?

In a past post, I shared some personal and embarrassing scenarios about the many changes my body underwent during two pregnancies, and my support of the latest clothing rental trend –  maternity clothes.

I feel it is my duty to spread the word about anyone that offers this wonderful service. Therefore, I would like to share with you a few more companies in the maternity clothing rental industry.

Check them out for all your changing fashion needs during the term of your pregnancy. Just click here for more.

Busted Can of Biscuits

Me, at 38 weeks pregnant

If I ever get the chance to speak with any of the visionary entrepreneurs who founded the above companies, I would say two things.

First and foremost, “thank you” for providing a service that is truly a blessing to women that not only saves their bank account, but also their sanity. It is nice to have affordable options that are also fashionable and won’t take up space in the closet after returning them!!

Secondly, I would politely ask: “Where were you when I was pregnant and growing out of my ridiculously expensive, new, and let’s not forget horribly unflattering maternity clothes that I could only wear for about a minute before I started looking like a Pillsbury biscuit can right before the pop?!?”

Then, I would probably apologize. So, I guess make that three things I would say.

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One thought on “As Your Tummy Expands With Your Pregnancy, So Do Your Options in Rental Clothing….Thankfully!

  • ShellWhip

    This is a great idea. My question is, how long after you have your child are you allowed to use that child as the reason you are carrying around some extra pounds? Because I could be renting from them….and my son is 10 years old!