College Station Residents Renting Rooms to Football Fans

Texas A & M Football Stadium

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Aside from Lexington, Kentucky, where basketball reigns supreme, Southeastern Conference fans live and die for college football. The passion and pride for every school in the south runs deep. Every week, hundreds of thousands of fans pack stadiums across the southeast, many of whom follow their team on the road often hours away from the comforts of their home campus.

If you’re a fan of a SEC team and have had the opportunity to attend an away game, you know what life’s like on the road. Aside from the heckling and jeers you’ll get from the hometown folks before, during, and after the game, there’s also the issue of finding a place to stay. Some schools, such as Texas A&M, are located in smaller cities with a limited number of accommodations for away fans or alumni in town for the game.

Renting Ain’t Easy

So what’s a fan to do when there are no rooms available? Well, if you’re heading to College Station, you can shack up with a local for a small fee – just be sure to behave yourself. According to officials in College Station, the city ordinance regarding area accommodations currently states that residents must register their home as a bed and breakfast in order to allow people to stay for pay and work with the city on hotel occupancy taxes.

As the landscape in the city has changed (meaning once Texas A&M joined the SEC), officials are looking into changing the ordinance. In the meantime, officials say the city won’t actively enforce the rules on the books unless the guest gives them reason to do so (i.e. neighbor complaint, park illegally, etc.). So go ahead and rent a room from a fan from the opposing team – but you may want to sleep with one eye open just in case.

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