Renting Commercial Kitchen Supplies Has Its Benefits

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While the claim that 90% of all restaurants fail during their first year of operation may be just a myth, there’s no arguing the fact that opening a restaurant is both stressful and difficult. From renting a commercial space and hiring employees to building relationships with vendors and purchasing supplies, there are several steps that need to be taken before a restaurant can ever open its doors.

As with any new business, the importance of a sound budget quickly comes into play. The restaurant owner often must work to stretch every dollar and look to save a buck wherever they can. Recently, author Stephen John, a contributing writer for, wrote about the benefits of renting commercial kitchen supplies. Here a few of his top reasons:

  1. Get Help Choosing the Supplies You Need: A good supplier will help you pick out the best items for your kitchen at a price that fits your budget. The supplier may also give you a few tips on which brands are best for large-scale operations such as catering businesses.
  2. Rent Supplies on a Weekly or Monthly Basis: We all know that commercial kitchen equipment, such as a bar fridge, can be expensive if purchased outright. A better option is to rent it from a company that leases kitchen equipment. Ask about a weekly or monthly payment schedule to stay within your budget. You might also want to look into long-term payment plans or a rent-to-own option.
  3. Get the Best Despite a Limited Budget: By setting up an affordable payment plan, you can rent the best brands of kitchen supplies and avoid going over budget. A win-win for you and your business.
  4. Rent a Second Fridge to Attract Hungry Customers: If you can swing renting a second fridge or display case for your storefront, the author suggests doing so. By showcasing the best items on your menu (i.e. desserts, pastries, cold cuts, etc.), you will call to the hungry potential customers standing outside your door.

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