NASA To Rent Launch Platforms

NASA Launch Platform

NASA is planning to rent three historic mobile launch platforms that were used to support the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. The platforms are being offered to corporate organizations to use for private space ventures or other public services.

The structures are two-stories tall and weigh 3,700 tons. The base of each platform is 164 ft long and 131 ft wide. As you can imagine, these behemoth structures won’t qualify for over-night shipping. NASA spokeswoman, Tracy Young commented on NASA’s intentions with this rental:

“At this point, NASA is looking to gauge interest for potential use of the platforms and concepts for potential use”

Selling and renting the platforms that sent man to the moon is a sign of decline in government funded space travel. As public funding is choked off by budget deficits, future space endeavors may be left to private enterprises and renting one of these babies might be what they need.

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