How to Throw the Perfect Tailgate Party

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Football season is in full swing. Whether you’re a fan of the local high school team, big time college football, or the NFL, this is your time of the year. While many of you enjoy watching the games from the comfort of your own home, some of you prefer to see the action live and in person and look forward to throwing parties in the parking lot with friends and fellow fans before (and sometimes after) the game.

For as long as most of us can remember, tailgating has been as much a part of the game as the coin flip. It not only brings fans together, but also prepares them for a long afternoon of emotional highs and (heaven forbid) lows. Tailgating is part of gameday experience and helps set the tone for the day ahead which is why it’s important to do it right. Fortunately, the folks at Yahoo! Sports have put together a list of 25 tips to good tailgating. We’ve picked out our favorites and shared them below:

Make a List: Whether it’s a strict, timed agenda or a loose skeleton, a list of tasks can help you stay organized on game day.

Delegate Responsibilities: Recruit responsible friends to help you execute your game plan.

Find Parking Early: Want the parking spot next to the public grill or near a large open space. Get to their early – these spaces are prime real estate.

Food: Sure, the staples – hot dogs, hamburgers, and wings – are the safe play, but at today’s tailgate parties anything goes. If you’re preparing the food, take requests early and ask the people your party about food allergies. A pot luck party is also a good option. Just make sure to use a sign-up sheet so you’re not stuck with three of the same dish.

Dress Appropriately: Frostbite isn’t cool and neither is sitting in the rain without a poncho. Check the weather forecast ahead of time and toss a few blankets or umbrellas in the car just in case someone in the party forgot to pack anything.

Have a Designated Ticket Holder/Spot: Before you kick off the festivities, put your tickets in a safe place or hand them to someone responsible for sake keeping. Realizing the tickets are lost just before kickoff could put a quick end to your fun.

Be Civilized: A fan of another team is tailgating next door? It’s cool. A little good-natured razzing is fine but use common sense if things start to escalate.

Be as Portable as Possible: Make sure all items – grill, food, generators – can be easily loaded and unloaded.

Respect Your Environment: Please don’t litter and if you need to use the facilities, find a restroom. No one wants to see, smell, or walk-through your waste. Be respectful.

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