U.S. Medical Device Manufacturers Could Be in Trouble


One of the most important industries in the United States may be in trouble  – and no, we’re not talking about automobiles or big banks. The medical device industry, which employs 400,000 Americans directly and another 2 million more indirectly, is being “ravaged by unwise public policy” according to a recent article in Forbes.

One of the few major industries that is not only a job creator but also boasts a net trade surplus, the medical device sector is reportedly being hampered by a 2.3% excise tax as part of ObamaCare. The tax, which is assessed on gross sales and not profits, could be considered another burden on medical device companies that in some cases must bring in tens of millions of dollars before ever turning a profit.

According to Forbes, the excise tax comes on top of “increased stringency and delays” at the U.S. Patent Office and FDA, and at the same time many of these manufacturers are closing their doors or moving to Europe to take advantage of a more “favorable tax and regulatory climate.” In addition, the excise tax has forced many companies to lay off workers, cut back on R&D, and reduce capital investment.

Although the President supports the excise tax, there has been some push back from some members of Congress looking to repeal this piece of legislation. Despite the tax and the back and forth battle between government leaders, the U.S. remains the global leader for medical device manufacturing – at least for now.


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