Into the Wild: Exploring The Biggest Camping Trends for 2013

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A Recap Of Emerging Camping Trends

Honestly, it’s been far too long since my last camping adventure. Growing up, we’d often take family trips to camping sites across southeastern Indiana, central Kentucky, and throughout Ohio. As the kids got older, the outings were fewer and farther between. Many of us went off to college while some started families. Sure, the family still gets together around the holidays but we don’t see our aunts, uncles, and cousins much throughout the rest of the year and that’s a bit of a bummer.

Recently, I came across an article posted on that brought back a lot of memories of the camping trips we took when I was a child. It also reminded me of how fast time really does fly by. Although there isn’t anything I can do to slow the hands of time, I can sit down with the family this Christmas and talk to them about planning a camping trip in 2014. I’m guessing it’s been far too long for all of us. It’s a sure thing camping trends have changed in that span.

So where do we start? The folks at Inspired Camping have some suggestions:

Bamping: A new name for “basic camping”. The idea is to walk out of the house with only the essentials in tote and little else.

Glamping: The glamorous side of camping. Campers indulge in vintage, retro, and luxury style and aren’t looking to rough it.

Backyard Camping: All the joys of camping without worrying about any of the negatives.

Frugal Camping: Camping on a budget. Campers arrange deals with local farmers to help keep change in their pockets.

Naked Camping: Enough said.

Geek Camping: Camping with the best gadgets and gear.

Leave No Trace Camping: A stealth-like approach to camping. These campers leave nature just as they found it.

Gorilla Camping: Camping amongst the trees or in the wild – with or without permission.

Eco-Warrior Camping: Camping with the environment in mind. Think recycling, up-cycled vintage campervans and tents, homemade wind turbines, and solar power generators.

Damping: Camping in the rain.

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