Survey Projects New Trends in Event Planning Industry

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From weddings and corporate gatherings to parties and fundraisers, there are plenty of opportunities for event planning companies across the country. To help event planners stay in-the-know, Destination Hotels & Resorts, a U.S.-based management company, has conducted a planner’s survey that projects current trends in the industry.

Here is a recap of their findings:

Eco-Friendly: Demand for sustainability measures is growing. In fact, 45% of those surveyed said the eco-friendly practices are “somewhat important” when selecting a venue while 18% said it is “extremely important”.

Site & Location: According to the survey, location, not budget, is the prime factor when selecting a venue. Just under 34% of the planners indicated that more than half of their meetings would be national gatherings while 30% said they are expecting their meetings to be held in local markets.

Culinary Offerings: Results of the survey show cooking itineraries and its quality matter significantly when selecting a venue. Of those surveyed, 78% stated that it is an “important part” of the selection process.

Team Building Activities: 55% of responders prefer adventure/active options when organizing team building projects for gatherings.

Social Networking: Almost 50% of those surveyed said that social media was an integral part of their event planning business.

Innovation & Technology: More than 36% of responders indicated that new technologies (i.e. streaming media, web conferencing, cloud computing, etc) is an important part of their business.

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