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Marketing Your Rentals

Have you ever wondered what it would take to give your rental business that extra “edge” to keep up with competitors? Concerns of how to tackle the marketing of your own business can be an intimidating thought when you think about how rapidly the tech world is evolving.

New apps and social media platforms are created daily. As intimidating as that may sound, the possibilities should be viewed as potentially enriching for your product rather than burdensome. In a digital world, it’s vital for the success of your business to enroll in social media: a free mode of advertising used by hundreds of millions of people daily.

Rent It Today (RIT) has thought about these challenges, and as students of the digital revolution, we’ve devised a plan to put your business on the rental radar.

Here are some of the services you’ll be treated to when allowing RIT to market your rentals:

Lead Generation

The promotional impact of your brand will swiftly increase with our live, up to the minute leads. Building a list of prospective customers enlarges your market reach beyond the storefront and across the country.Rental ListingListings

RIT managed services updates your product information daily. Pricing, item/service descriptions, images and contact information are routinely updated to ensure your rental store is an invaluable resource for customers.

Call Center SpecialistCustomer Service

Brand loyalty begins when your potential customers contact our down to earth, personable call center represenatives. Our call center specialists connect with customers in more ways than one, as told through customer testimonials. Your leads will contact you with knowledge of your products, sparing you the workload in advance.

Media Marketing

Social MediaUtilizing a plethora of social media options, RIT will manage your networking accounts. Targeting customers through the most common forms of social media will increase the word-of-mouth knowledge of your store and products. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and various others, you will stake your claim in the internet marketing world.

Rent It Today has pioneered the way rental companies expand their reach. As brand ambassadors for your business, you will feel confident in allowing us to serve both you and your customers.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Marketing Your Rentals Through Rent It Today

  • Kyle Sebree

    We’re glad to hear stories like yours! Burlington Healthcare is a valued client of ours being as they’re located in the Cincinnati metropolitan area.

  • ShellWhip

    I contacted Rent It Today when my 10 year old son had surgery on his foot and needed something to help him get around for a few months. They connected me to Burlington Healthcare who have been extremely helpful!