Rent Summer Fun During “Exercise with Your Child” Month

Family Outdoors

Burning A Few Calories With The Kids Can Bring Smiles To Everyone’s Face

There are many distractions that compete with your attention span. This has always been the case throughout time, but it’s quite possibly even more true in today’s world of Xbox gaming, iPhone apps and Facebook. As summer break ends and “Exercise with Your Child” month begins for the month of August, parents have a variety of rental options to rent summer fun and ensure they spend quality time with their children outdoors.

As parents, it’s hard to find time to workout on your own, which is why “Exercise with Your Child” month hopes to inspire you to combine your efforts with the kids. If you rent bicycles, camping equipment, ATVs or kayaks, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not toFamily Fun Rentals spend the rest of your summer outside with the kids. Rent It Today can connect you with rental companies across the country that will help you celebrate the occasion.

Most parents remember growing up and spending endless hours outside building forts, playing in streams or wetting a line in the nearest fishing hole. With sporting equipment rentals from Rent It Today, you can share these same memories with your children!

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