Building Up a New Rental Business, Brick by Brick

Hundred Dollar Bill Made of LEGOs

If you have children, you probably also have a love/hate relationship with LEGOs. These miniature construction toys are great for keeping the kids busy but can quickly become the source behind a slew of cuss words if you step on one with a bare foot. Although contact with a shoeless foot makes it appear these toys are made of fire hot spikes, they’re actually constructed of plastic. Who knew plastic was the devil’s novelty?

Stepping on a LEGO

As a parent, putting my feelings aside is not only a hobby, but a lifestyle. Therefore, at my best calculation, I’ve already spent somewhere around $500 on LEGOs in my five short years of parenthood. If I continued at this rate, my dreams of dropping my kids off at college far, far away would most definitely not come true.  Enter my fairy Godmother, Elina Furman.

Mom of a LEGO lover, Elina has started an online LEGO renting company called Pleygo. Think Netflix for LEGOs. – rent them, play with them, return them. It’s a win-win for everyone. The kids get to build and break down all sorts of LEGO sets, while you continue to save money so you can ship them off when they’re 18.

For more information, and for the sake of your toes, read more about Pleygo on the Star Tribune.

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8 thoughts on “Building Up a New Rental Business, Brick by Brick

  • ShellWhip

    @Jake from Pleygo ShellWhip Jake, we have been dying to try out one of those Architecture sets. Here’s to getting some credit for our old bricks to check out the Sydney Opera House or Empire State Building set!

  • ShellWhip

    @Jake from Pleygo ShellWhip Jake….that is music to this mama’s ears!! I’ll definitely check it out tonight. Thanks a bunch!

  • Jake from Pleygo

    ShellWhip -Jake from Pleygo here – Don’t forget to check out our site!  We offer credit to your account if you donate your mixed bricks!

  • ShellWhip

    Had I known this (or had it been available) 8 years ago I wouldnt’ have two plastic bins (very large ones at that) full of Legos at the house!

  • Tiana Berwanger

    Jane McNeill – I agree – brilliance right here! Thank you for your comment, and spread the word to any fellow LEGO lovers or parents of kids that like them.

  • Tiana Berwanger

    GetMyBoat – No doubt! It seems like just about everything you can imagine is available for rent these days – from boats to goats! Thanks for your comment.

  • Jane McNeill

    This is a brilliant idea. I should have had it when I was a kid as I played with so many Legos and they are sooooo expensive.