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Over the past year its been exciting to watch how fast’s electronic rental, audio & visual rental, and computer rental categories have grown. Today’s customer spotlight article features one of Rent It Today’s newest electronic rental company partners, Temporary Technology. Temporary Technology provides just about any type of audio, visual, and electronic equipment rental imaginable and services all of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Whether you need to rent electronic equipment for seminars, equipment failures, special projects, seasonal peak loads, traveling, meetings, sales presentations, conventions, trade shows, or training sessions, Temporary Technology has everything a business or individual needs!

Audio Visual Computer Electronic Rentals in OH, KY, INThe computer rental industry came into existence during the mid 1980s.  Although still a viable service, it became a commodity of sorts over the last decade as PC purchase prices steadily declined.  Conversely, the audiovisual rental industry is much older and better established.  With the exception of a few lower end items, AV equipment is not subject to the same “commodity mentality” as most computer equipment.  In addition, obsolescence plays a much smaller role in the AV industry than it does in the computer industry.  In spite of the AV rental industry having a longer and more consistent history as well as a brighter long-term outlook, the demand for computer generated presentation equipment continues to increase. Temporary Technology is a company well positioned to take full advantage of the convergence of these two high-tech industries and offers a full line of electronic equipment rentals.

Temporary Technology (TTI) provides professional audio visual and computer rental services to the corporate, educational, government and convention & tradeshow markets. The company’s primary inventory consists of projectors, sound systems, Plasma and LCD displays, interactive touch-screen computer kiosks, laptop and desktop PCs and peripherals.  Most rentals from TTI include delivery, installation and 24/7 on call service from well-trained technology professionals.

To better service the changing needs of its client base, Temporary Technology began to re-invent itself in 2003. A vision for the future was created and plans for its systematic implementation were made.  Over the course of the next several months, the company recruited and hired professionals with significant audiovisual industry experience.  The decision to shift the company’s focus from computer rental to Audio Visual rental required a significant number of internal changes at TTI.

Audio Visual Electronic Equipment Rental

Over the last eight years Temporary Technology has reached its goal of becoming a significant player in the Midwest AV rental industry.  TTI has handled everything from a one-hour flipchart rental to a 2-week convention with a large General Session and breakout rooms that used 370 PCs and 1,250 wireless headsets. TTI is not just another computer rental company pretending to be an AV company. Temporary Technology offers a unique combination of quality PC rentals with true audiovisual expertise.

But TTI understands that equipment alone does not enable it to meet the needs of its clients. From an operation’s standpoint, Temporary Technology’s primary goal is to provide a level of service that consistently exceeds customer expectations, ultimately providing the best “value” in the AV rental industry.

There is no doubt that the technology rental industry is ever changing.  And TTI tries to adjust to these changes at just the right time.  The company strives to improve its operation by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.  But no matter how much the industry may change, the company’s core values remain the same.  To that end, all Temporary Technology staff members follow three basic rules:

1.    Do your best.
2.    Do what is right.
3.    Treat others as you want to be treated.

The executive management team at Temporary Technology believes that following these three simple rules has been an instrumental part of its success over the past 25 years!

Visit Temporary Technology’s website directly at, call us at 877-765-7368, or see our regional computer, audio visual equipment, and electronic equipment rental stores at

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