You May Not Be Washed Up, But You’d Best Be Watered Down

Water Treatment with Ozone

Drink In This Fact: August Is National Water Quality Month

The brain in your skull with which you are currently processing this article is 90 per cent composed of one compound, and that compound is H2O. The blood coursing through your veins is over 80 per cent water. Even your bones are comprised of water, as is an estimated 22 per cent of that skull surrounding your brain.

It’s impossible to underestimate water’s importance . Clean water is paramount to good health as well as the countless applications for which it is used. There is literally no life form which is not dependent on water for its very survival. Small wonder then the keen interest scientists have in finding water elsewhere in the universe, for where there is water there can be life as we know it.

Who Loves That Dirty Water ?

The California rock band The Standells had a hit in 1966 with their song “Dirty Water”, so dirty water has at least a few fans. Nevertheless, this writer cannot seem to find a month devoted to unclean water like August is devoted to clean water.

Here’s an interesting fact: two things which your body absolutely will not let you do is stop breathing or go without sleep. Sure, some folks can hold their breath until they pass out, and breathing will resume once unconsciousness is achieved. Likewise, your body will force you to sleep no matter how hard or how long you try to stay awake.

So how long do you think you’d last without H2O? Well, let’s just put it this way. You can theoretically stay awake without sleep longer than you can go without a drink. It’s estimated the human body can only survive about three days without addressing thirst.

By the way, if you can hold your breath for three days, your employment future is bright.

So this month we propose a toast to clean water and all those who make it happen.


Rent Ozone Equipment

Ozone is used in treatment plants to recycle and produce clean water.  Ozone is used as an oxidant to replace or complement chlorine or other chemicals, and plays an important role in purification throughout the world.

Ozone is employed to remove micro-pollutants including pharmaceuticals, personal care chemicals, and endocrine disruptors. Ozone is also used in waste-water disinfection. Major cities using ozone for H2O treatment in the USA include Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, and Orlando, among others.

Ozone Solutions is a leading national supplier of turnkey ozone systems for the ground water remediation, bottled water and food processing industries. In addition to a growing line of rental solutions, they carry hundreds of products specifically suited for ozone applications.





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