Pimp My Wheelchair: Individuality Shines in Creative Adaptation

Pimp My Ride CartoonWow Factor Wheelchair

In recent months I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the features and benefits offered by various social media outlets. In this day and age it is a foolhardy hope to assume ANYONE is reading in full the lengthy posts that once occupied the timelines of your Facebook or Myspace page, thus the birth of the Twitter 140 character limit. We are a visual generation. We’ve been spoiled by a continuous stream of increasingly vivid imagery through every media outlet known to us. From HD and CG being taken to new heights, to the latest 3D revolution sweeping the motion picture and video game industries, we are (and arguably always have been) to no small extent a visual people.

To me, this is why I find the newest craze of social media outlets that utilize almost entirely image and video based forums so intriguing (Vine, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, etc). One that I have found particularly interesting is Pinterest. Here you are able to find, organize, and share images of pretty much anything and everything based on a particular topic or interest. Seeing as I work for a company that markets various pieces of medical equipment, predominantly durable home medical equipment, it seems only natural that this would form the basis for one of my Pinterest boards. For those that do not know, a “board” is an aggregated collection you create of “pins,” aka images on your Pinterest profile page.

Creativity is Contagious

While searching Pinterest for  “wheelchairs” and “scooters” ( items for which we receive dozens of rental inquiries to our call center on a daily basis), I began to notice a trend. I found that many of those confined to a mobility aid had gone to great lengths to really make the chair or scooter that plays such a vital role in their lives, a unique reflection of their character, creativity, and good-natured sense of humor. They “PIMPed” the thing out!

I am finding so many that are eccentric, cool, and unique, I want to share these works of art with as many people as I can! To revel in the wheelchair owner’s success, and show the undeniably positive outcome of an optimistic outlook on life regardless of the circumstances thrown at you. For this reason, I am posting one of my favorites.

Wheelchair Wow Factor -“Terminator Wheelchair”

Terminator Wheelchair



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