Celebrating Kids’ Half-Birthdays a Hot New Trend

Celebrating a Birthday

Let’s be honest. How many of you wouldn’t have loved to celebrate your birthdays as a child twice a year? Anybody? I’m not surprised. According to a recent article in iVillage, half-birthday parties are growing in popularity thanks to Pinterest and other sites such as HalfBirthday.com. Although I think we can all agree that throwing one birthday party is enough, writer Lela Davidson does offer a few instances when it may be appropriate to celebrate a half-birthday.

The Make-Up Party – Perhaps your child’s outdoor birthday party was rained out or their indoor celebration fell short of expectations. Whatever the reason the party was a dud, many moms agree that half-birthday can be celebrated as replacements for the real day.

Summer Baby Problems – If your child is a summer baby, Davidson writes that it’s OK to send cupcakes to school with your child to celebrate his/her half-birthday. Why should babies born in any other season have all the fun?

You’re a Cheese Head – Apparently, half-birthdays a big deal in Wisconsin. Rather than being stuck inside with a room full of children during the winter months, parents in Wisconsin are celebrating their child’s half-birthday by taking the party outdoors.

New Mom Alert – Excited about the birth of your first child? Davidson gives a pass to first-time moms celebrating a one-time half-birthday.

Christmas Claus – Davidson found that most parents encourage the half-birthday celebration if a child’s birthday falls “dangerously close to Christmas”. I guess these parents aren’t familiar with the phrase “kill two birds with one stone”.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating Kids’ Half-Birthdays a Hot New Trend

  • Kyle Sebree

    I tend to lean towards Mark’s sentiments on this one. Sometimes less is more. It’s really a self-inflicted wound on parents to set the precedent of being constantly rewarded for nothing. Where do people think that this leads when they’re kids become legal adults? How do they handle failure and being told “no” or that they’re “not good enough”? Falls into the same category as youth sports leagues who don’t keep track of scores because “everyone’s a winner”. Right, because we all know that’s true of life.

  • Mark J Rivera

    Hmm, half-birthdays. More trends that will ensure to make the next generation even softer than the last.