Share The Road & Share Your Bicycle

Share the Road


We’ve all heard of car sharing. Not only is this beneficial to individuals looking for a temporary vehicle, but it’s monetarily advantageous to those offering their car for rent. It only makes sense the next transportation sharing idea to hit the road is bicycle sharing.

Spinlister, a online service that lets you locate and rent bikes across the US and more than 40 countries, is cycling right to the top of the “Supercool Rentals” list I have amassed in my head. Not only is it brilliant in concept, but their catchphrase “Rent bikes from awesome people” simply rocks.

Spinlister“Just type where you’d like to ride and Spinlister gives you the best bike rental options for that location. We connect you with awesome people and great bikes from around the world.

If you’d like to list your bike, just snap a few pictures and share your sweet chariot with awesome people like you. We help you meet up, exchange the bike, and have a great experience, whether you’re the renter or the lister.” – excerpt,

After struggling with what direction to spin earlier in the year, the site, now under new management, is back up and running. Check them out for your weekend getaway bicycle rental or to list your wheels for others to use.

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