Rental Business is Blooming at Cherry Tree Farm

After Michael Dallaway gave up banking to become a fruit farmer, he had a self-proclaimed lightbulb moment:

“’I was doing tree work in the orchard, which is a good time to be mulling over thingCherry Trees, and thought, why don’t we rent the trees out? There’s a groundswell of people keen to eat local produce who are aware of seasonality, and English cherries are definitely seasonal.”

Since the inception of “rentacherrytree” in 2008, Mr. Dallaway’s orchard of 2,200 trees have each found temporary adoptive families, or graciously offer their fruitful deliciousness to supply local shops and markets in Sussex, England. That’s a little far for me to travel to top off my kids’ Shirley Temple drinks (and of course my amaretto sours), but I’d definitely be interested if I lived closer.

You can read more on Mr. Dallaway’s cherry tree rental business in the full story on the Telegraph.

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One thought on “Rental Business is Blooming at Cherry Tree Farm

  • Robert Daniels

    A fourth grade teacher was instructing her class on American history. “George Washington not only chopped down his father’s cherry tree, but also admitted it,” she said.
    “Now, Sally, do you know why his father didn’t punish him?”
    “That’s simple,” Sally replied. “Because George still had the ax in his hand.”