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The Gypsy Moths

The Gypsy Moths (1969)

The first time I saw one of these crazy jumpsuits was on television. I was watching Turner Classic Movies a few years back and they were playing a 60s action movie about skydivers starring Gene Hackman and Burt Lancaster titled “The Gypsy Moths.” In the film, they were using one of the first versions of what is now popularly known as the “wingsuit.” I was mesmerized by the concept: a human bat-suit. The idea of being able to glide through the heavens and actually control your flight path blew my mind.

Come Sail Away

Modern wingsuits have had some modifications over the decades, which is reassuring considering the first suits from 1930 were made from wood, silk, canvas, and whale bones. Wingsuits are commonly used for BASE jumping and allow for gliding ranges of several miles.

As the flier freefalls through the atmosphere, equipped with a parachute, they are able to control their horizontal direction. Wingsuit jumpers aren’t limited to aircraft launch. They’ve been known to jump from cliffs as well.

Fly Like an Eagle

WingsuitWicked Wingsuits offers beginner and intermediate suits for thrill seekers looking to get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. For $200 per month, you can rent a beginner wingsuit for a fraction of the price of what it’d cost to buy one new.  After you contact them through e-mail, you’ll talk on the phone and set up an order for a wingsuit that will be delivered to your front door.

In addition, the good folks of Wicked Wingsuits can help you locate an instructor to coach you through the proper techniques of using one of their devices. For more information and photos, you can visit Wicked Wingsuits’ Facebook page here.

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  • Tiana Berwanger

    I wouldn’t do this if you offered me a bazillion dollars, but it’s still a really cool post. I’ll pass the info on to my younger, more adventurous friends!