Japan Has a Leg Up on Advertising

Thigh Advertising

Photo Courtesy: newstalk.ie

Ahhhh, Japan – known in the US for their car manufacturers, electronics production, exotic foods, and some strange form of television animation that I don’t quite understand. They’ve also made a name for themselves in carrying out behaviors that are…well…COMPLETELY NUTSO, in my book. Wanna know more? Read about their cuddle clubs, bagel head modifications, and ice bras.

After that lead in, you may not even have the stomach (or leg) for their latest marketing craze – thigh advertising. Sure, it can be hot. In fact, apparently there is a Facebook page dedicated to thigh advertising as a fetish. And no, I’m not going to link to it. But seriously, there is so much wrong with this concept. Lest I enlighten:

  • Only females are allowed to apply.

I know the world only cares about men and their needs, but some of us would prefer the sight of a masculine leg. Just sayin’.

  • The advertisements are stickers.

Does that mean shaving above the thigh only on special occasions is a dying art? And yes, I called hairy legs art. Can I get a “holla,” Fabrice Martin?

  • The sticker is required to be placed on the outer region between a thigh high sock and hemline of a miniskirt.

Miniskirts are back?!? And I’m no marketing genius, but if you wanna get a guy’s attention, I’d suggest the locale be the inner thigh or back of the thigh. Their eyes innately gravitate to those spots anyway.

  • Your sticker clad leg picture must be uploaded to a social media account within eight hours to receive payment.

So hang on. You don’t even have to walk around with the advertisement on? You just take a picture?!? No leaving the house or using your own leg for that matter? Attention all Stay-At-Home-Moms: Gather all your childless friends (i.e. those whose thighs are still worth a gander), and start bringing home the bacon!

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