Brits Can Rent Apartment Close to Royal Birthplace

Royal Apartment

Photo Courtesy of Wimdu

Well, just when you think things couldn’t get crazier, Monday morning arrives and throws a whole new slab of ridiculousness in your lap. The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting to give birth to the royal heir today. Wimdu, a German online rental company, is offering a short term holiday rental spot that will put occupants within close proximity of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where Princess Kate Middleton will be during labor.

What’s more, the £143-a-night top-floor property has a powerful telescope and binoculars to help guests sneak an exclusive peak of the new heir to the throne. There is one catch, however. The only part of the hospital visible from the flat is the corner of the orthopaedic ward. – Daily Express

With chances of catching a glimpse of the royal newborn slim, Wimdu boasts that this special occasion just provides fanatics the chance to celebrate. The apartment comes equipped with more William and Kate regalia than you can shake a royal scepter at.

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