“Jump Right In” to the Zac Brown Band featured Postcard Inn

Zac Brown Band, Post Card Inn

Have you ever watched a TV show, movie, or music video and thought to yourself “I wanna go there!”? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself thinking something very similar on more than one occasion. Like me, your natural reaction was almost certainly to assume that such places must be reserved for the rich and famous, and reside in the remotest of locations. I’m talking, resorts that you’ve probably never even heard the names of, the thresholds of which “common folk” like you and I could surely never cross.

Zac Brown Rum Runners Outside ViewPersonally, my most recent example of this came off of the laundry list of hits produced by the Zac Brown Band. In the music video for the bands latest hit “Jump Right In,” Zac and the gang appear to be in a remote region of the Caribbean staying in a tiki castle, and surrounded by sandy beaches, beautiful women, and clear blue ocean. Not a bad deal right?

After dedicating just a few minutes to searching on the all knowing Google Machine, I found myself surprised to find that Zac and his fun loving crew made their video, not on some remote Caribbean Island but on the beautiful beaches of Holiday Isle, Florida. In fact, the footage was shot entirely on the grounds of the Postcard Inn and neighboring Rum Runners Tiki Bar.

Zak Brown Post Card Inn Looking Out“Postcard Inn Beach Resort and Marina at Holiday Isle is an oceanfront hotel  in the Florida Keys, minutes away from Key Largo,Fort Lauderdale/Miami, and Key West. This newly refreshed resort getaway is an iconic property that offers the retro, throwback feel of a nostalgic American beach vacation, combined with modern amenities, designer furnishings and a touch of whimsy…. guests are greeted with pink cotton candy and a glass of lemonade in the reception lounge. Each room showcase(s) a waterfront style of white woods and sand-colored stripes, daybeds, large flat-screen televisions and Wi-Fi service.”

While you may not find the human catapult or jet pack Zac and the gang played with in the video just laying around, there is still plenty to do at the Postcard Inn. If laying pool/oceanside with an ice cold beverage in hand isn’t enough, you can take a stroll on PCI’s 15+ acres of private beach, take a cruise on a jet ski, kayak, or kite boat from their full service marina, or go on Zak Brown Hammock Scenean adventure to the depths of the deep blue sea on one of PCI’s Daily Diving and Snorkeling Excursions.

While I wouldn’t bank on seeing the stars of the Zac Brown Band during  your stay at the Postcard Inn, at least for a few days you can live like the stars!

Check out this behind the scenes making of the video below!

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