Cool Off On Air Conditioning Appreciation Day with AC Rentals

Dali Melting

That’s right, there’s an appreciation day for air conditioning too. It seems if there’s an event that involves more than three people, it has its own special calendar day, right? Some appreciation days leave you raising eyebrows, but in the case of this one, most people agree. The national occasion is recognized from July 3 to August 15, fittingly known as the “dog days of summer.”

Some know what it’s like to live without central air in their homes. It’s not a pleasurable experience when temperatures edge up to the 90 degree mark. Everything you do insideSun becomes more difficult. Eating, sleeping, and relaxing become a chore when no cool air flow is circulating. Remember the stories your parents would tell about spending Sunday afternoon at the mall or movie theater just because it had a/c and they didn’t?

There’s a few ways to make sure you keep your air conditioning working at full capacity. By following two simple precautionary measures, you may avoid that dreaded breakdown and subsequent service call:

  1. Keep Your Filter Clean – There’s usually a time gap between filter changes that lead to build up of dirt and potential mold. Use your vacuum attachment to clean dirt off your filter. You could also take it outside and spray it down with a garden hose.
  2. Change Filter – The common recomended interval for filter changes is monthly. Most people neglect to follow that standard, so it’s important to begin taking into consideration how much time you let pass between filter changes. Believe it or not, the dirt that clogs your filter can greatly effect the air flow of your unit.

In the dire case that your air conditioning does break down, you’re not without options. Find a rental company offering temporary cooling solutions with mobile A/C rentals at Rent It Today by clicking here.  Also known as portable air conditioning, these can be of great benefit when you’re in a hot spot.

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