Now You Can Rent It Before You Say I Do

Hugging a Car

So you’re finally at the time in your life when a used car just isn’t gonna work out for you anymore. This milestone may occur when you become a parent, when you’ve become financially stable, or when you have a new driver in the family. Either way, just like that guy your daughter just started dating, it’s best if neither have a record they’re trying to hide.

How does one go about buying a new car? Well, it depends. If you’re my husband, you spend hours and hours and even more hours researching. If you’re me, you head straight to the dealership. Sure, the shininess of the chrome adds to the dizzying effect of the salesperson’s pitch about horsepower, financing, and mileage, but I know what really sells a car. It’s the way I look while driving it! Kidding….kinda….but what I do feel is highly important is the feel of the car when you are behind the wheel.

It’s Not Called Courting for Nothing

It’s great that dealerships allow prospective customers the opportunity to test-drive vehicles before purchase, but come on. Can you really tell if this is the right car for your next three, five, ten, or more years by driving it around the block a few times? Essentially, you are about to start a relationship. Would you marry someone you only knew for a few minutes? Aside from that really awesome spring break in Mexico…or that one time you went to Vegas…oToyota Try Before You Buy Car Rentalr…nevermind. The point is, no, you wouldn’t and shouldn’t buy or lease a new vehicle after only spending a few minutes driving it, and the folks at Toyota agree.

Based on an article on, approximately 85% of Toyota and Scion dealers across the U.S. now participate in a rental program that lets you keep the car for an extended amount of time, say a weekend get-away or at least a trip to that really cool outlet mall that is unjustifiably 45 minutes away.

Like the idea? Get more info in the full story. Oh, and a word of advice…..test drive or rent EVERYTHING and EVERYONE you plan on spending an extended amount of time with in your life. It could save you heartache, money, and closet space.

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