5 Tips For Giving Your Business Social Media Presence

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It seems like every month there’s a new social media service available. With social networking replacing the typical “word of mouth” approach to spreading news of small businesses, it’s more imperative than ever for companies to utilize the popular media formats to promote their product. As the mainstream continues to communicate primarily through glowing screens, the social media platform digs its roots deeper into the world of commerce. Business Insider recently reported study results conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau that showed 90% of customers recommend brands after interacting through social media.

There’s a surplus of media content for users to get lost. There’s a form of social media for everyone click, add, like and plus one. These tools have quickly become virtual ambassadors to reach the masses by establishing company reputation on the internet. With so many people endorsing these tools as the new arbiter of customer communication, what effect does this have on businesses that adopt social media to drive their brand?

Promotion has its perks, especially in the digital age. The potential outcomes of adopting social media to cross-promote your business will increase your online sales and sales leads.

If used correctly, social media will begin to drive business growth in this direction if used right. The slow implementation of a simple Facebook and Twitter page will leave you feeling like you can walk away and develop a marketing strategy. For many small businesses, there aren’t enough resources to focus solely on social marketing.

If you’re the owner of one of these businesses and cannot afford to pay someone to handle the marketing strategy, take on the load yourself to a minimal capacity while setting reasonable goals of what you want to accomplish with your social media presence. If you go into it half-heartedly, customers may view this as lack of interest and can ultimately damage your reputation.

How do you dip your toe into the social media pool if you have no experience in doing so? No fear, here are some basic steps that can be considered when beginning your social media presence:

1. Know and Understand Your Audience

Target AudienceDraw clear definitions of who your prospective customers are and whom you want to engage with directly through social media. This includes knowing your target market’s point of view and interest. Also, you should consider what forms of social media the majority of your target audience uses. Talk with current customers and get their opinion.

2. Plan Your Message

What topics do you want to discuss and inform your customers on? Are these common questions that relate to your product? If so, find a way to address these concerns through a series of informational content. Rather its blog posts about new products or a YouTube channel that displays your products in video format, the upsides to charting your editorial calendar are endless.

3. Staking Your Social Media Turf

PlanTake ownership of your company name through social media entities. Branding your product helps customers recognize your company easy. Once you’ve set up the main profiles through Facebook, include important information such as store location, phone numbers and store hours.

4. Planting the Seed

Once you’ve established your social media profiles, engage the customer through existing communication methods. This could include email and in-store signage. People can’t look for you through social media if they don’t even know you use it.

5. Tracking Social Media Results

Social Media SignageIndicators that help track the success of your social media usage include comments and media shares. By achieving a social media outlet, you can gain “likes”, sharing of your posts and user comments found at the bottom of your content.

The main points to take away from this post are simple: If you can successfully get current and prospective customers to engage in social media, you can reach business and sales objectives without spending a fortune on advertising. By finding a way to balance what your business goals are with social networking, you can promote your product to an ever growing consumer market.

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  • Tiana Berwanger

    Great tips, Kyle! I think it’s more important now than ever before to get involved in social media.