Pretty Hefty Guideline to Rent a Bicycle in NYC

Citi Bike in NYC

Image Courtesy: Citi Bike

Just less than two months ago, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched an effort to get New Yorkers in shape by instituting the largest bike sharing program in the nation, Citi Bike. Brooklyn and Manhattan are the test regions, offering numerous rental locations across each city.

There are some guidelines that must be followed in order to acquire a bike rental, and those criterion are causing some to shift gears in their support of the program. Requirements to rent a bicycle through Citi Bike include a credit card (ok), identification (makes sense), payment of $95 per year (a little higher than similar systems, but still reasonable), and a rider weighing less than 260 pounds (screeeeeech!).

First off, members of the Department of Transportation, as well as experts in the bicycle industry agree nearly all bicycle frames are designed and capable of carrying most every weight. Secondly, isn’t this program targeted towards those that are attempting to get fit, i.e. individuals whose weight of 260 or greater is causing them health issues? Third, in this day and age, has no one realized how discriminatory this restriction is?

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