Charter Flights and Private Jet Rentals

If you are planning a vacation, weekend getaway, business trip, or need corporate travel solutions, Charter Flights, Private Jet Rentals, and Helicopter Rentals are modes of air transportation you can count on. From light jets, medium sized private jet charter rentals, large jet aircraft, prop planes, and more…options are limitless when it comes to reserving a private charter flight.

Reserve a Charter Flight

In this tough economic climate, finding a jet charter service that you can rely on is of the utmost importance.  Combining the convenience of private jet travel with the flexibility of on-demand air charter service, Stratos Jet Charters, a worldwide air charter agency, arranges on-demand jet charter flights on more than 5,000 of the safest and most luxurious private jet aircraft.

As experts in the field of private aviation, Stratos Jets charter consultants provide multiple aircraft options for your charter flight, ensuring the best available jet charter price and highest level of flexibility for your trip.  Our team of expert air charter agents are available 24/7 to assist you with arranging personalized jet charters that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your flight.

Working with Stratos Jet Charters grants you access to our select network of approved vendors that are routinely assessed to ensure their compliance with our aircraft, insurance and flight crew requirements.  Our exclusive network of jet charter operators adhere to the highest safety and flight crew standards established by our prestigious due diligence program.

At Stratos Jet Charters we believe that long-term client relationships are born of good experiences, not long-term contracts.  We arrange jet charter flights for long-term, repeat clients who wish to enjoy a safe and hassle-free air charter experience.  Our goal is to better understand and meet the unique travel needs of each client, and this philosophy has shaped all aspects of our company.

Whether you need a private jet charter flight for business or for pleasure, Stratos Jets agents can ensure that you experience the finest air charter service in the industry.

In addition to providing on-demand jet charter services, Stratos Jet Charters specializes in providing:

Point-to-Point Pricing:

Point-to-point flights are one-way flights that are arranged entirely around your schedule.  Point-to-point pricing occurs when a private aircraft departs from a location other than its home base.  Point-to-point pricing is typically the result of an “empty leg” being chartered for a portion of the primary routing of the original air charter itinerary.  By offering point-to-point pricing, Stratos Jet Charters can eliminate costly overnight and repositioning fees associated with traditional charter flights.  Through the development of strong industry relationships with aircraft operators and proprietary market research, Stratos Jet Charters Flight Coordinators can quickly identify transient aircraft in more than 500 markets in the United States.  When the time comes to book your next charter flight, ask your Stratos Jet Charters flight coordinator about options that may be available for point-to-point pricing.

Discounted One-Way Charter Flights:

One-way charter flights offer deep discounts over traditional jet charter flights.  One-way charter flights are created when a private aircraft needs to return home to its base, or when an aircraft needs to reposition to the departure city of its next flight.  Stratos Jet Charters works with several charter jet operators in the United States to market and sell “empty leg” charter flights. Through our extensive relationships with aircraft operators across the U.S., we are able to provide the largest selection of discounted empty leg and one-way charter flights in the industry. If you can’t find your routing, a Stratos Jet Charters Flight Coordinator may be able to help you take advantage of “point-to-point pricing” for charter flights along the flight path of one-way flights.

Jet Charter Membership:

Frequent users of private aviation know that convenience and service defines their travel experience. They also  that utilizing different jet charter service providers compromises those key benefits.  Companies with a dedicated air charter department consistently experience a greater level of convenience, service and flexibility.  Stratos Jet Charters developed a membership program for individuals and companies that want to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated air charter department without the hassles of maintenance or management.  Becoming a jet member with Stratos Jet Charters helps us learn your unique needs, constantly improving your travel experience.  Our private jet membership program was designed to enable organizations of all sizes to benefit from a dedicated air charter department.

Visit Stratos Jet Charters at to learn more about the services we can provide for your next charter flight. View Stratos Jets Charter Flight Services at

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    The very first advantage that almost anybody can notice in hiring the private air charters is the freedom of scheduling. Unlike conventional airlines, private air charters provide full freedom to choose the schedule of the flight. Thanks for this wonderful post.