What’s All the Huff & Puff About a Cardboard Castle for Rent?

Cardboard Castle

Darren Cullen and his Cardboard Castle
Photo Courtesy: ntnews.com.au

Kids aren’t the only ones who look at a large cardboard box and immediately envision a makeshift school bus or rocket ship. In Darren Cullen’s case, it was a castle just waiting to be moated.

After unpacking a new double door refrigerator, Mr. Cullen was left with an empty box and his 27 year old imagination. Fifteen whole minutes later, a castle complete with working drawbridge and turrets was built and ready for lease.

Jokingly, Mr. Cullen listed the castle for rent at a weekly rate of $50 with the advertisement: “Great protection from invading hordes, siege pack and supplies optional. Keep the dark knight at bay. Adjoining pool/moat. Very secure parking with new modern draw bridge, 5 mins from the city.” A picture of the cardboard creation was included, but that didn’t stop people from contacting him with real requests to rent it out.

Of course, here at Rent It Today, we’re familiar with folks who want to rent out castles.  One of the most popular bounce house rentals for kids and parties is a castle. These are constructed of durable material and are sure to thrill your little prince or princess. It’s a great kid’s party idea.

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