Now You Can Be Famous (For a Day Anyway)


Celebrity Image

For whatever reason, millions of Americans just can’t seem to get enough celebrity gossip. They’ve become obsessed with the latest Hollywood rumors and spend far too much time reading US Magazine and browsing Perez Whether it’s the glitz and glam or the fame and fortune, they want what their favorite stars have and are willing to give up just about anything to get it. Now, for a small price, they can live like a celebrity – or at least be hounded like one.

Center of Attention

Serving the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, Celeb 4 A Day “provides the everyday person with their very own personal paparazzi experience” for parties, birthdays, or any other special event that requires “the start treatment.” For a price as low as $729.99, your average Joe can experience what it’s like to be an A-Lister as a pack of paparazzi trails them in public, snapping photos and shouting out questions TMZ-style. If it’s attention you need, Celeb 4 A Day will provide it.

In Demand

Voted the “World’s Best Luxury Lifestyle Experience” in 2012, Crowds on Demand allows any individual to live like royalty. From adoring crowds cheering your name to photographers capturing your every move on camera, Crowds on Demand can organize any size group to create an experience normally reserved for rock stars. Operating in L.A., San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C., Crowds on Demand has been featured on “Good Morning America”, Fox News, and in GQ magazine, and serves clients from all across the world.

Apparently, the price of fame isn’t as high as we thought.

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