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A company slogan is often dismissed for being cliché or inauthentic. This is not the case with Rent It Today (RIT), where the core values of the company are a daily reminder of what matters most.

The business model is simple; RIT provides a service to two different customers, one being rental companies and the other being the people seeking rental items. As the ultimate rental resource, RIT serves as the perfect liaison to connect these two entities. Rent It Today co-founder and CEO Jason Glass recently discussed the importance of managing these customer relationships.

Hello Operator

As a business that thrives on direct customer interaction, one early goal was to establish a call center. The call center was made a reality in January of 2013. With the toll free number on each rental listing page and in-house software technology to field and route calls accordingly, the mission of call center specialists is evaluated on a daily basis.

“Since that first day, it’s been a great success for not only people looking to rent an item, but also the people with items to rent,” said Glass.

Serving Both Customers

The Rent It Today call center prides itself on being able to assist customers on both sides of a rental transaction, placing their needs and concerns in front like the proverbial carrot that leads the horse. The challenges presented to RIT are handled in as professional a manner as possible. The first action is to connect the person seeking a rental service with appropriate providers. If no appropriate rental company can be found in the client database, call center specialists are trained to search for at least three companies that can assist the caller, free of charge.

“What’s most important is taking care of both of our customers by bridging the gap between rental client and customer,” Glass explained.

Taking Your Call Personally

Instituting the call center was paramount in making sure commerce is handled in a competent and practical manner. The RIT call center specialists come across as down to earth people you might bump into on the street.

With a friendly staff that often connects with callers on an emotional level, RIT manages to break through the phone barrier often found in caller assistance based businesses. Our specialists have received messages from customers explaining how helpful they are and how thankful they are for their earnest cooperation. The customer relationship formed in these interactions is what RIT believes will help the business flourish and continue to grow along with the rental industry.

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