Getting Outta Dodge: Study Shows People Moving From Northeast

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Apparently, freezing cold winters, a high cost of living, and above average unemployment rates aren’t wonderful enough to keep people in the Northeast. According to a 2013 story in Forbes magazine, seven of the 10 states with the highest people of moving out are located in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, including New Jersey which topped the list. Of the 6,300 total moves in The Garden State, 62% were outbound. Other states in these regions making the list were Illinois (60%), New York (58%), Michigan (58%), Maine (56%), Connecticut (56%), and Wisconsin (55%).

Leaving for Greener Pastures

According to economists, a number of factors have contributed to these moving patterns. De-industrialization and high employment rates, combined with high costs of living, have forced many displaced workers to head elsewhere. Additionally, the Northeast and Midwest typically have a higher concentration of residents over 65 who often retire to states that have warmer climates and are less expensive.

The most popular destinations for relocation, according to the study by United Van Lines, are Washington D.C. and Oregon. Both cities are attracting younger, well-educated professionals and have either stable or growing job markets..

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