VIDEO: Review Rent It Today’s Recipe for Success

Core Value Video Still Shot

A long time ago (2006), in a galaxy far, far away (commonly known as Kentucky), there came an idea. One simple in thought but infinitely more complex in execution…

Make Renting Simple

Core Values PuzzleTwo men, Matthew Stephenson and Jason Glass came together with the goal to make this idea a reality. Together, they formed, and in one revolutionary moment, a website in which people can find anything and everything they need for rent was born.

The guys made a pact then and there to do things the right way. They have dedicated themselves to making the ultimate rental resource. The end all goal is for everyone to think of Rent It Today when they need to rent anything, anywhere.

As evidence to their dedication and vision, Matt and Jason sat down and wrote the core values that still stand as guidelines for how daily operations are conducted and business decisions are made at Rent It Today.

Rent It Today’s Core Values

Recipe For Success

  • Evolve the Renting World
  • Promote Enjoyable Experiences
  • Make Renting Simple
  • Empower Both Customers
  • Create Quality Content
  • Love Renting

Each employee is charged with knowing, understanding, and emulating Rent It Today’s core values in everything we do. After six years of business ebbs and flows, the core values have stood the test of time and remain prominently displayed throughout our humble home.

While the definitions of our core values are reasonably self-evident, we were curious what they really mean to our employees. To find out, we sat down with several members of the team, and simply asked. Here’s what they had to say…

Video: Evolving The Rental World

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