Use Le Tote to Keep Up with the Kardashians & the Jones’

Fashion Timeline

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I was forced to clean out my closet this past weekend. If I hadn’t, I am certain one of my children would have eventually gotten lost in the abyss known as “stacked jeans ranging across 4 sizes” or my husband would call the producers of “Hoarders,” and they would make me throw away all my NKOTB apparel.

In an effort to avoid misplacing my children or being outed for my love of Jordan Knight, I decided it was best to just go through the closet on my own and determine what pieces of clothing I could part with without an ensuing anxiety attack.

Ode to the Jams and Hypercolors of the 80’s

As the give-away pile of shirts and pants toppled over onto the cat, my husband asked, “Didn’t you just do this same thing last summer? How did the closet get so full again?” Women know the answer to this, but for our male readers, I will divulge how this occurs.

You see, styles change. I don’t mean the bell-bottom era turned into the boot-cut era. I mean, one day, stripes are all the rage, and the next they’re the reason behind all the “OMG, can you believe she’s wearing that?” comments. Don’t believe me? Remember overalls? Exactly.

BlazersAnyway, with each changing fad, comes a middle-aged woman trying to keep up with the trends. If we are lucky enough to get away with wearing a blazer and camo shorts, you’d better believe we’re gonna buy that blazer in every color available. And don’t even get me started on the shoes and purses to match. But back to the story…

Soon after the blazer purchases and all the matching accessories, one of the Olsen twins is seen wearing a blazer while engaging in some taboo behavior, and guess what? In the snort of an illegal substance, blazers are now out. What are women like myself to do with a closet full of blazers? I’ll tell you what we do – we move them to the end of the rack, right next to the overalls. Do you see where this is going?

Le Tote is Le Awesome

Le ToteSo each year, we decide to clean out the closet, only to find ourselves questioning “Where did all my empty hangers go?” just a few months later.

So how do we avoid the overflowing closet syndrome? The treatment is a web site called Le Tote. I’ll let you check it out on your own for more information, but the principal behind the business is to rent clothing and accessories as you see fit, send them back when you are sooo over it, and choose the next three garments and two accessories you wish to be shipped directly to you. All this for only $49 a month! That’s not even one trip to Old Navy, where you know you’ll spend $50 on tank tops alone.

Additionally, if you find you simply cannot part with one of their rented shirts or other items, you have the option to buy it from Le Tote. Would you have expected anything differently from a company started by a group of women? Of course not.

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2 thoughts on “Use Le Tote to Keep Up with the Kardashians & the Jones’

  • Tiana Berwanger

    TerryCostanzoDavid I think if we added up all the money we spend on new clothing each year while trying to keep up to date, we’d see Le Tote is definitely worth the minimal monthly investment.

  • TerryCostanzoDavid

    I so almost want to do this!  “Apparel Netflix” – cool!  Thanks, Tiana, for another great article!