Make Her Happy: Five Tips For Mowing the Lawn

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If you’ve spent any amount of time outside over the past couple weeks, it’s obvious. Summer is here. By this time of the year, you’re probably cutting the grass at least once a week and will continue to do so for the next few months. So how can you make sure your lawn is being cared for properly? The folks at Consumer Reports offer five helpful tips.

  1. Show Your Mower Some Love – Sharpen your mower blade monthly or at lease twice a year. If you have a riding mower, adjust the deck height to three inches and don’t neglect its underside. Be sure to keep it clean and clear of debris to maintain cutting quality and prevent rust.
  1. Have a Plan – Mow only dry grass and don’t rush cutting. Allow for some overlap in the cutting swaths to make for more evenness and alternate directions which helps disperse clippings for a healthier lawn.
  1. Prepare for “Brownouts” – Once summer temperatures peak, mix up your approach. Refrain from cutting the grass shorter than three inches just to avoid having to mow more often. Higher grass shades the lawn, protecting its roots.
  1. Hit the Slopes Safely – To avoid personal injury and avoid damage to your lawn, be careful on hills. Riding mowers should move straight up and down slopes and walk-behinds should mow side-to-side.
  1. String Trimmers Provide Finishing Touches – Hold the trimmer so that its cutting head and path are at a slight angle for more precise cutting. Let the tip of the line do the work as move the head from right to left. For longer grass, cut in stages to keep the line from wearing quickly.

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