Clothing Rental Company Ad”dressing” Customers’ Needs


Do you wish you had a bestie at your beck and call each time you needed advice on an outfit? Guess what? Although the phrase gets thrown around like beach balls at a Jimmy Buffett concert, “There’s an app for that!”

Soaring Success

If you are even the least bit involved in the fashion industry, you’ve heard of Rent the Runway. They are commonly described as the “Nexflix of designer clothes.” Since their inception in 2010, Rent the Runway has taken flight beyond measure. They now have pop-up shops, offer accessories and wedding specific attire rentals, designed an app that allows women to view outfits donned by an individual with personalized body proportions, have partnerships with Bloomingdale’s and Beyonce, and more.

Rent the Runway has made such a positive name for itself, if you or your company have any affiliation, you’re readily bumped to the top of the style registry. The latest on that list is Go Try It On, a start-up (for the next few minutes, at least) that allows you to post photos of yourself and elicit opinions of your outfit from other users. With this app, you get to determine who can view and comment. Someone like me would only clear a select group of friends or family, whereas brave souls can put it all out there for the entire Go Try It On community. They even offer the advice of a professional stylist if you really want to impress at your next event.

Keeping Up with the Vera Wangs

Womens clothing rental is no longer a novel concept. Just about anything you would put on your body is now offered for rent, including nail polish and maternity clothes. The difference is although just a baby, Rent the Runway has matured more than any other similar company out there. They are changing with the times, the styles, and with the interests of their customers. They kinda know what’s up when it comes to working with women and what makes (and keeps) us happy! Maybe founders Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss should write a book for men!

Read more about Rent the Runway and Go Try It On here.

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