Lamborghini Rental Still Tops My List

Lamborghini Murcielago

Burnin’ Rubber in the Bluegrass

If you read my blog post “Fast and Furious Exotic Car Rental Fulfills Female Fantasy,” you are well aware of my feelings about the Lamborghini Murcielago. Actually, you may be a little too cognizant of my affections.

It is because of that car alone, I subscribe to Autoblog, an online portal for all that is auto. I need to keep in tune with everything Lamborghini, and I’m patiently waiting for that promotion or contest that fulfills the #1 slot on my bucket list – to feel that leather under me as I cruise the streets of Kentucky. Ok, so Kentucky isn’t really in that fantasy, but since that’s where I live, I would have to drive through the state to get to some other more exotic and glamorous location.

To my excitement, when I opened my email this warm sticky Monday morning, I was greeted with an article from Autoblog about renting a Lamborghini. Although this particular post regards renting a Lamborghini for professional racing, it didn’t change the fact that my fanatical feelings all came flooding back.

I need this car.

I don’t need to own it. I don’t even want to own it. I just need to have it in my possession for a moment of time.

Reality Bites

Mama and her Babes

Me and My Beautiful Buzz Kills

The buzz kill took place when my eyes wandered from the computer and landed on one of the too many ridiculously cute pictures of my kids I have cluttering my office space. A hypothetical head-smack ensued with the realization that the Murcielago is not really a mom-mobile and more than likely doesn’t accommodate two carseats.

It’s ok, though. The rental industry is booming. Exotic car rentals aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. When my children are older, and I’m free to drive somewhere other than the carpool to soccer practice, I’ll get my chance. I’ll contact GP Luxury Rental, find my favorite red pen, and start marking items off that list.

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