Start-Up Shakes Up Vacation Rental Industry

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Looking to rent a vacation home in Southern California for a family reunion, Amitav Chakravartty navigated the listings on Craiglist before settling on an oceanfront villa. To reserve the home, Chakravartty was asked to wire a $900 deposit to the owner. After wiring the money, the “owner”, along with Chakravartty’s money, disappeared.

The victim of a scam, Chakravartty set out to create a site that would curtail phishing activity and protect renters. Soon after, he partnered with co-founder Aniban Bardalaye to launch Zaranga, an online marketplace that connects managers and owners of vacation rental properties with guests.

Safe and Easy

Unlike many other vacation rental marketplaces, Zaranga makes it easy for travelers to find and book reservations. Guests are able to make offers and book instantly and every aspect of the reservation process, from the signing of a contract to sending security deposits and refunds, is automated. Additionally, Zaranga primarily works with licensed property managers to provide guests with peace of mind and protect them from scams.

Win-Win Solution

Although travelers certainly reap many benefits by using the site, there are also a few perks for property managers and owners as well. Dynamic pricing enables property managers to increase desirability of the rental units and because Zaranga works with property management software, property managers are able to eliminate administrative overhead. In addition, Zaranga offers risk-free listings with no fees and helps increase the exposure of an owner’s property by marketing it to a specific audience.

“100 Percent” Protected

Currently, Zaranga is working with 600 properties in Northern California, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, and Oregon and claims a “100 percent” track record against any type of scam. For more information on Zaranga or to book your next vacation rental, visit

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