Oil, Gas Industries Booming in Houston

Where to find electronics rentals in metro Houston, Texas

Apparently, the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot in Houston. Over the past three years, 102,000 jobs in the oil and gas industry have been added in the city, a trend that seems to be spreading across the state. The growth, driven by high oil prices, innovative technology, increased domestic production, and improvements to infrastructure, has led not only to an increase of individuals relocating to the city, but also major investments in the metropolitan area.

One of the biggest investors, Exxon Mobil Corporation, is set to build a new complex on 385 acres north of downtown that is estimated to bring another 10,000 jobs to the area. Overall, job creation is up 3.7 percent in the city through the end of October of last year and experts predict the boom will continue for the next five to 10 years.

It sounds like Houston is on a bit of a hot streak.

Wireless Communications Rentals

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