Get Out of Town (for Your Own Good) with Electronics Rentals

Who rents walkie talkies? Outdoor adventurers, for one.

When you live in a big city such as Philadelphia, sometimes you just need to get away. Although you’ve likely grown to love – or at least grown used to – the constant buzz in the urban core, a day or weekend trip to a remote destination has been shown to not only reduce stress but can also boost creativity.

Recharge at Ralph Stover State Park

Located about an hour outside of The City of Brotherly Love, Ralph Stover State Park is a popular destination for whitewater canoeing and kayaking, rock climbing, angling, and camping. The state park, which sits on 45 acres in Bucks County, also features a hiking trail and shaded picnic area along the historic Tohickon Creek. Although the park is popular spot for anglers and whitewater enthusiasts, the biggest attraction is the famous High Rocks, a 200-foot sheer rock face, which draws a large number of local climbers. In all, over sixty routes have been put up on High Rocks most of which are used for trad climbing, bouldering, and top roping.

Two Way Radios and Communication Device RentalsIf you’re heading out of town for a hike, climb, or fishing trip, it’s important that you pack the right equipment. To help keep you connected (and safe) while you’re away, many electronics rental businesses offer monthly, weekly, and daily rates for rentals on a wide selection of equipment including two-way radios, repeaters, and digital cellular phones  from some of the best brands in the business including Motorola, Nextel, Sprint, and Sony.

Who Has Your Back ?

Whether you are hosting a trade show or large event in the city or scaling the side of a cliff in one of Pennsylvania’s most beautiful state parks, trust  experienced electronics rental providers to assist you with peace of mind.

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