Fly the Coop from Typical Tedious Airplane Rentals

Small Aircraft

There are plenty of people that enjoy flying an airplane so much they go as far as getting their pilot’s license. Enthusiasts that wish to fly as a hobby versus a profession probably can’t justify the cost of buying an airplane just to sail the skies every now and then.

Besides the obvious expense for the purchase of the airplane, you also require a location and a means to house the plane. And when you do plan to take it up, up, and away, you gotta pay for the fuel to get it off the ground. Then, of course, there’s required maintenance, safety checks, and so on. I’m certain you get the point by now. You know who else gets the point?, your one-stop rental shop for renting an airplane when you need it.

No Hidden Baggage with OpenAirplane

OpenAirplaneConvenience, savings, and fun – that’s what you’ll get when you rent a small plane through OpenAirplane. Membership is free, and as long as you have a valid pilot certificate, renter’s insurance, and fulfill a few simple requirements, you can easily use your computer, mobile phone, or tablet to locate a rental plane from numerous bases across the country.

Similarly, there is no cost to list if you are a aircraft operator with available planes for rent. Currently, OpenAirplane operates out of airports in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Jose, Kissimmee, and Detroit, but plans to expand are up in the air.

OpenAirplane is committed to helping you find, book, fly, and pay for your aircraft rental with ease. Added perks include the opportunity to earn discounts and save you money on your renter’s insurance, alerts regarding re-certification deadlines, and the ability to rent an aircraft as simply as you would rent a car.

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