California & Florida Baby Equipment Rentals for Legoland

Legoland Dinosaur

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I don’t know a man or woman in my circle that doesn’t have memories of playing with Legos as a child. Now that I have my own children, I see the same excitement on my son and daughter’s faces when they construct a castle or car wash  as when I was a kid building a bed for my Cabbage Patch Doll. Sure, each is really just a stack of Legos that more resembles a tower, but hey, they’re two and four and using their imaginations.

Wonderment in Windsor

Legoland WindsorI was in my twenties and in a different country during my first Legoland experience. I had no idea such a place of amusement even existed. Although my first visit to Legoland was as an adult, I was just as delighted as if I were this many (picture a chunky little girl with red glasses holding up four fingers).

From the entrance, appropriately made out to look as if it was built from Legos, to the Miniland which is so realistic at times you feel as though you are a giant in your own town, there is fun for every age at Legoland. There’s even a waterpark, an interactive play village, train rides, and so much more. There was so much to do at Legoland Windsor, during my four month stay in London, I visited at least a dozen times.

Legos in the Land of Opportunity

Legoland floridaNow in my thirties, I’m happy to know my family doesn’t have to travel overseas to enjoy the fun of Legoland. Instead, all we have to do is endure travels to California or Florida with two youngens under the age of five, and we’re there!

There’s enough worry when traveling with children. Let the folks at Rent It Today relieve some of that worry by getting you in touch with baby equipment rental providers near your Legoland destination.

Forget about packing the stroller, the crib, the baby carrier, the car seat, and so on. 

Before you load up the kids and the car, check out baby gear rental providers. They can have all your transportation, bedding, feeding items, and so much more waiting for you at your hotel or vacation home, which will save you money, space, time, and worry so you can enjoy your family trip to Legoland.

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One thought on “California & Florida Baby Equipment Rentals for Legoland

  • MargaritaLaw

    That dinosaur is so huge!!! I haven’t gone there yet but, it is really my dream to
    visit Legoland. Now that there is baby equipment for rent there I think mom
    will not have an excuse for us not to go there.