Put Your Trip on Cruise Control Thanks To These Travel Tips

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Full disclosure: I’ve never taken a cruise. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of island hopping on a ship equipped with a bowling alley, theater, and zip line is definitely something I find extremely appealing. Unfortunately, I’ve just not had the opportunity (or time, or money) to make it happen. For those of you lucky enough to book a cruise this summer, I’ve conferred with the experts to put together a list of travel tips to help you get on your way.

Before you Leave the House

  1. If you’re taking an international cruise, be sure your passport is up to date.
  2. Take the easy road and pre-register online if your cruise line allows it.
  3. Check out the cruise line’s amenities and perks and book ahead if possible.
  4. Pack appropriately. Bring comfortable shoes, cover-ups, and lots of sunscreen. Also, cell phone reception on the ship may be spotty at best, so consider renting a satellite phone to keep in touch with folks on the mainland.
  5. Plan accordingly. Things happen, so it’s a good idea to leave a little time before your scheduled arrival time in Miami and your boarding time on the cruise liner.
  6. Make arrangements with a friend of family member to check-in on the house from time-to-time and be sure to lock up and leave a light or two on to deter intruders.

The Day of Departure

  1. Remember to bring a small amount of cash to tip the cruise staff while at sea.
  2. Arrive early and be sure to follow the instructions the cruise line has provided.
  3. Store your valuables in your room safe and make sure to carry your ship security ID card on you at all times.
  4. Participate in the ship’s safety program and fire drill. Remember, things happen.
  5. Most ships offer a wide range of activities and night time entertainment, so remember to pick up a copy of the ship’s itinerary so you stay in the know.
  6. Have fun and be safe!

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