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Nature Camping

Discovering America
Shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, President Thomas Jefferson conceived the idea of sending a group of explorers through the newly acquired territories west of the Mississippi River. In the summer of 1804, an expedition led by U.S. Army Captain, Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark departed from St. Louis, Missouri by way of the Mississippi River. This journey would mark the first American expedition across the United States to the Pacific Ocean.

Lewis & ClarkThe campaign objectives included the surveying of land, plants, animal life and to establish commerce with Indian tribes. The group promptly discovered the majesty of the other half of the North American continent through the arduous challenges of navigating its rugged landscape.

Trekking across the Great Plains, fording the Snake River and climbing the Rocky Mountains, Lewis & Clark led the Corps of Discovery Expedition with a rock steady assurance. Often times, while fearing for their lives, they’d find assistance from benevolent Indian tribes. If the volunteers weren’t hardened men before their travels, they were by the time they reached the Pacific coast on their two year voyage.

Rediscover The Outdoors
The month of June 2013 has been proclaimed Great Outdoors Month. Reflecting on the sacrifices and gallantry of the Lewis & Clark expedition, it’s imperative for today’s generation to channel the same confident and adventurous fortitude that pumped adrenaline through the veins of our ancestors over two centuries ago. Rent It Today is harnessing the spirit of American small businesses by giving you a chance to connect with a variety of outdoor and camping rental companies across the country.

Getting in Tune with Nature
Scene from Easy RiderRent It Today aims to assist you in charting your voyage with a vacation tour rental. While the pioneers before us rode actual horses,  you can now rent a motorcycle so you can breathe in the salty ocean air as you trace the Pacific Coast Highway or take a dusty excursion down the ancient trails of the Grand Canyon.

For those who want to set up camp with family and friends, LowerGear Outdoor Rentals and Sales provides campers nationwide with a variety of sleeping bags, tents, cookware, and more. LowerGear can assist groups of up to two hundred in achieving their weekend getaway, family reunion, or corporate retreat.

Born to Be Wild
When technology and stress overwhelm your life, the last refuge is wilderness. Tap into your inner wild side and engage the national initiative. Look at the natural world around you, because when you look deep into nature, as Einstein said, “you will understand everything better.” Rent It Today is proud to help you blaze your own trails this June.


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