Is Tent Camping Becoming Extinct?

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If you’re over the age of 35, the word “camping” elicits memories of hiking into the woods among the natural habitat of the insects and the animals, pitching a tent, making a fire, and spending time with your fellow campers. As you roast marshmallows on sticks you found during your trek, you reminisce, sing, laugh, and simply live in the moment with each other.

Does a Kid Text in the Woods

Photo Courtesy disneyworld.disney.go.comQuite differently, if you try to talk camping with today’s youth, you may find yourself using words like “wi-fi” and “charging docks” and insisting it really is possible to make bacon without electricity. The essence of camping, of being one with the land and fellow human beings, has all but lost its true meaning. In recognition of National Camping Month, I would like to suggest a movement this June to bring back the good old days of rugged, wilderness, tent camping. Are you with me? Good!

Nationwide Camping Gear Rentals

I can almost hear your wheels turning as you mentally prepare your list of all the camping gear that you’re going to need. Am I also picking up the sound of a cash register dinging with every piece of equipment you add that list? The solution to both is simple – rent.

Whether it’s a trip to Yellowstone National Park or to the brush at the end of your neighborhood, rental provider LowerGear can set you up with everything you’ll need for your environmental adventure.

Highest Quality from LowerGear

LowerGearFrom sleeping bags and backpacks to cooking equipment and hydration equipment, Lower Gear has all the essentials for the first timer all the way to the expert camper. All they ask for is a promise for the return of their items, and they’ll ship them to you anywhere in the continental US.

When you rent from LowerGear, expect quality. You will first receive quality customer service when you speak with a real person who will assist you in the planning phases of your journey. Then, expect clean, name-brand, quality items to be delivered to your destination of choice. Quality assurance is found in the numerous testimonials you’ll find from the many satisfied customers of LowerGear where the use of “outstanding,” “satisfied,” “awesome,” and “superb’ are commonplace. And only a quality company can accommodate groups up to 200 people.

Before you embark on your trek into the wild wilderness of tent camping, you’d be wise to check out LowerGear’s outdoor rental gear on Rent It Today. And don’t forget to like them on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the latest in camping and backpacking, as we’re certain you’re gonna come back for “s’more.”

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2 thoughts on “Is Tent Camping Becoming Extinct?

  • Tiana Berwanger

    Excellent, Les! The mountains of NC are one of my favorite spots on this earth. They’re beautiful during every season of the year. I hope to take my kids someday – just us, our tents, and our marshmallows. Have a great time!

  • LesCourtney

    Will be camping in the Mountains of NC in July. And when we go camping we hike a few miles into the woods and do it the real way! No electric, no RV, just the great outdoors