An Excuse to Rent a Motorcycle Your Wife Can’t Dispute

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On June 17th, 2013, join many others in observing National Ride to Work Day. We’re not talking bicycles this time. We’re talking motorcycles!

You can thank the state of Minnesota and Aerostitch owner Andy Goldfine for creating this charitable organization devoted to increasing awareness. Since its official inception in 2000, this 2-wheeled event has caught on across the world. Ride to Work Day is now recognized in Ecuador, Germany, Australia, France, Israel, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

Ride To WorkLayin’ Down the Numbers

The Ride to Work Transportation Fact Sheet suggests traveling by motorcycle can shorten city travel by 33 minutes for every hour. Further, normal weekday motorcycle commuting employs 30,000 gallons of fuel per commuting day, which is much less than the 60,000,000 gallons used by cars, trucks, and SUVs. Based on the average number of individuals that participate in the annual Ride to Work event, approximately 60,000 gallons of fuel are saved on that day alone. Riding a motorcycle for the day is a win for your watch and our environment.

You Don’t Have to be an Easy Rider

There’s no rule as to what type of motorcycle you choose to ride on June 17th. For as many personalities as there are out there, there are just as many bikes.

Atop MotorcycleDie-hards that have chosen to make a hefty investment and employ a true dedication may find Ride to Work Day just as ordinary as any other day, but many others can find the same satisfaction by renting a motorcycle to fit their personality, as well as their wallet.

If you are in the Smoky Mountain area of Tennessee, check out GSM MotoRent for your dual sport bike rental. A dual sport bike is versatile, making it ideal for the road ride to work during the day, then releasing your work stress by hitting the adventurous off-road trails on your way home. Further, during the months of June and July 2013, if you “like” GSM MotoRent on Facebook, you can receive 10% off your motorcycle rental.

If you’ve always dreamt of feeling the wind in your hair from atop a Harley Davidson, National Ride to Work day is the perfect excuse! From motorcycle rental providers including Extreme Dream Rider in Los Angeles or Escape Eagle Motorcycle Rentals and Tours of Las Vegas, you can find the HOG of your dreams.

Ready to rock and roll? You can find more information on motorcycle rentals on Rent It Today, including local dealers, detailed descriptions, and quality images. Do yourself, your wallet, and the environment a favor, and rent a motorcycle this June 17th!

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