Improve Quality of Life with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Thanks to amazing advancements in medicine, individuals all across the world are living longer than ever before. Seniors who once spent their retirement sitting in their homes are now playing sports, traveling to far away countries, and enjoying a better quality of life. Using new technologies, our parents and grandparents are better able to monitor their physical condition and lead active and independent lives.

Lead an Active Life with Lincare

LincareA long-time leader in respiratory care, Lincare was founded on the belief that by educating patients and providing clinical support, patient compliance with physicians’ prescribed therapies could be improved, resulting in a better quality of life. From enteral and nebulizer therapy to home infusion and pulmonary rehabilitation, Lincare offers a wide range of services and products to ensure every patient receives the quality of care they expect and deserve.

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Lincare understands that each patient’s condition is unique and should be treated accordingly. Rather than rushing to make a recommendation, the team at Lincare takes the time to thoroughly evaluate each patient to determine which product or system will work best in their home.

Aside from the aforementioned products and services, Lincare has also provided state-of-the-art oxygen systems since 1965. Whether a patient is in need of a portable oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen system, or high pressure cylinder, Lincare is able to meet their needs. More importantly, Lincare also provides regular monitoring services to ensure every patient receives the maximum benefit from prescribed therapies.

Nationwide Coverage

In all, Lincare operates over 1,100 locations in 48 states. The company works with both private insurance carriers and Medicare to help cover the cost of needed equipment and supplies. At this time, Lincare rents only to patients covered by insurance and does not offer a private pay option.

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