Construction Rebound Will Spur Portable Storage Demand

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After posting dismal numbers over the past half-decade, the construction industry in Florida is expected to take incremental steps forward over the next few years. According to experts within the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity, the construction industry is expected to grow 3.6% annually in the state this decade, tops among all other sectors.

Future Looks Bright

Although the housing market will likely not reach the levels it saw prior to the crash in 2006, it is expected to grow by 25% within the next few years which means more jobs for an industry workforce that has seen a 56% decrease over the last seven years. In fact, as the market continues to rebound thanks to rising home prices and the reduction of foreclosure surplus, the industry is expected to see a 30% increase in construction jobs. After nearly a decade of doom and gloom, the future seems a bit brighter in the Sunshine State.

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Many custom designed container buildings are professionally finished and built standard with several quality construction features including steel exterior walls, central air and heat, finished flooring, electrical outlets and phone jacks, and commercial grade windows, doors, and locks.

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