Road Stoves One of the First on Booming Food Truck Scene

Photo courtesy of Road Stoves

Photo courtesy of Road Stoves

In Washington Park, the lines outside the windows of each of the half a dozen food trucks at the monthly City Flea are easily 10 people deep. Four hours into the six-hour summer event, every truck has sold out. And this is Cincinnati. Across the United States, the food truck business is booming. From 2007-2012, the industry has grown 8.4 percent each year and revenues are expected to hit the $2.7 billion mark by 2017.

By offering a unique, authentic, and exciting experience, food trucks are attracting swarms of customers who might otherwise roll through a drive-thru for lunch or dinner. Recent surveys have shown that diners are willing to pay for quality and also like the speed and convenience food trucks offer.

Customers, of course, aren’t the only ones benefiting from this latest trend. Aside from increased profits across the industry, food truck operators enjoy relatively low operating costs compared to traditional brick and mortar restaurants and are able to interact closely with their customers both in-person and via social media. These benefits, combined with the ability to change locations at a moments notice, position this concept well for continued success.

At the forefront of the food truck trend, is Road Stoves, a L.A.-based company that rents and sells food trucks to entrepreneurs and businesses. Founded in 2009 by a pair of high school buddies looking to help a friend operate a food truck, Road Stoves has assisted dozens of similar entrepreneurs across the country get started and run several promotional campaigns for heavy hitters such as Microsoft, FOX, ESPN, and Frito-Lay. Aside from simply renting out trucks, the company also offers consulting services, a free GPS app for Apple and Android devices, and can help organizations round up food trucks for their next event or fundraiser.

Ready to jump aboard the foodwagon? Check out Road Stoves today!

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