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As summer kicks off with Memorial Day festivities, the season is set for Americans, who will be outside enjoying the warm weather by engaging in fitness and recreational activities.

President Barack Obama has declared the month of May National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition has teamed up with public, private, and non-profit sectors in a nationwide effort to encourage Americans of all ages to engage in 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

Getting Fit Across America

The main goal is to introduce the virtues of living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and exercise: the outcome being an educated and vigorous public.

The health of Americans has become an increasingly pertinent topic in the national dialogue, especially  in regards to the youth population. One in three children in America are obese or over-weight. This fact alone has become driving force behind the Let’s Move! campaign, which has received support and energy by First Lady, Michelle Obama.

The concerted efforts of community leaders and political figures have led to some progress in physical activity and nutrition awareness since the health initiative was set in motion three years ago.  In a prepared statement, President Obama stresses that although progress is being made, as a collective society it’s too early to become complacent.

The President of the United States on Staying Active

President_Barack_Obama_2012_portrait_crop“With simple steps, all of us can make physical activity a way of life. This month, we recognize Americans who are choosing that future for themselves and inspiring others to do the same. We also take this opportunity to renew the call to action. I encourage business, faith, and community leaders to uphold physical activity as an important way to enrich our neighborhoods. I call on schools to make good health and exercise part of a good education. And alongside our friends and family, let each of us recommit to leading a healthy, active lifestyle, and setting our children on the path to a bright future.”

President Barack Obama

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Picking May to be the month when political leaders concentrate their efforts on this national campaign is very calculated and practical: The more sunlight, the more time to do fitness activities outside.

GolfersAs temperatures rise and daylight lingers into the evening hours, the traditional American summer equates to riding bicycles, surfing the waves and swimming at the local pool. Summer creates options for fitness and exercise. Sports equipment rentals during vacation are invaluable to the national objective.

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