At U. of Oregon, Rent-A-Pooch Day Takes A Bite Out of Homesickness

Homesickness Cure

University of Oregon Event is a Win-Win for Participants

Many students, especially those who travel significant distances to attend college, find it prudent to rent items in the city where their school is located, rather than haul them from home.

Going away to college and moving into the dorm is an exciting time for most college freshmen. Unpacking the belongings which have been boxed up and transported from home, getting set up in your space on campus, meeting your roommate, your fellow floor residents, and the resident advisor can provide a keen sense of anticipation which makes one feel glad to be alive.

It’s very difficult not to feel a bit giddy when the realization sets in that you’re free from parental supervision and about to embark on a journey which will be shared with hundreds if not thousands of your contemporaries. The possibilities seem as endless as the stream of new faces you seem to encounter every minute.

One Roommate Many Students Lack

There is one drawback to all the excitement. Most colleges do not allow dogs or cats in their student residences, so leaving your four-legged companion at home can be a drag, and actually cause a bit of homesickness.

At least one institute of higher learning has devised a way to let its students enjoy a bit of canine company while on campus.

According to a May 31, 2013 story in the Oregon Daily Emerald, student newspaper of the University of Oregon, many students can get a taste of home or just enjoy a bit of stress relief by participating in what has become known as Rent-A-Pooch Day.

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